Friday, 18 April 2014

Furry Friday...

WTF?! - Jews Ordered To Register In Ukraine.....


Leaflets Order Jews to Register in Russian-Controlled Ukraine

Leaflets Order Jews to Register in Russian-Controlled Ukraine

Jews over 16 in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk are being told to pay a special tax and register their identities with the pro-Russian militants who have taken over the town, according to multiple reports.  As a temporary government stands up in Kiev and all hell breaks loose with pro-Russian protesters in Crimea, the news is sounding grimmer and grimmer.
Early in the Euromaidan revolution that swept Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich, a Russian ally, from power in Kiev, pro-Russian media had sought to portray Euromaidan as an anti-semitic, fascist-led movement that would wreak havoc on the Ukraine's Jews. But if the Donetsk orders are to believed, it's Russian forces and their proxies that now threaten Jews' safety and freedom of movement.

The orders were distributed on flyers throughout the city, according to the wire service JTA and USA TODAY. Those flyers bear the name and signature of Denis Pushilin, leader of the Russian-sympathetic separatist rebels who wrested control of Donetsk from Ukraine earlier in the month. Pushilin's forces have since patrolled the streets in black ski masks, AK47s slung over their shoulders.
Pushilin confirmed to one source that the flyers belonged to his group, which is calling itself "Donetsk's temporary government," although elsewhere he distanced himself from the flyers' content.
The leaflets, which accuse Ukraine's Jews of supporting nationalist, pro-Nazi leaders instead of "pro-Slavic" forces in World War II, were distributed on streets and around synagogues by masked men, according to JTA:
The flyers in Donetsk said all Jews who are 16 years old and above should register at the government building, which separatist protesters are occupying, and pay a registration fee of $50 by May 3.
"Jews supported the nationalistic gang of [Stepan] Bandera in Kiev," the authors wrote in reference to the Ukrainian Nationalist leader who in the 1940s fought with Nazi Germany against Soviet troops before he and his men took up arms against the German occupation.
The flyers also said Jews were hostile to the Donetsk Republic.
They were required to report any real estate and automobiles, the flyers also said.
Should Ukrainians of "Jewish nationality" fail to comply, they will lose their citizenship and "be forced outside the country with a confiscation of property," the flyers state.

Update: The New Republic's excellent reporter and Eurasia expert Julia Ioffe reports that Ukrainian Jewish leaders believe the flyers may have been a provocation by pro-Ukrainian elements to paint the Donetsk separatists as anti-semitic. "The Jews of Donetsk and eastern Ukraine may have been asked by a leaflet to register, but it has not been enforced nor are any Ukrainian Jews registering themselves," she writes.
Meanwhile, Secretary of State Kerry cited the flyers as "grotesque" evidence of anti-semitic jockeying in the Ukraine crisis, and the Anti-Defamation League issued a condemnation of the flyer, regardless of its origins. "We are skeptical about the flier's authenticity, but the instructions clearly recall the Nazi era and have the effect of intimidating the local Jewish community," ADL director Abraham H. Foxman said in a press statement:
"We have seen a series of cynical and politically manipulative uses and accusations of anti-Semitism in Ukraine over the past year. The perpetrators and their targets are opposing politicians and political movements, but the true victims are the Jewish communities."
[Donetsk rebel photo via AP; Photo of the flyer below via]
Leaflets Order Jews to Register in Russian-Controlled Ukraine

Whatever the fuck reason these things were sent out for... this is OUTRAGEOUS!!

NATO - UN - UK - UE - USA need to get their arses into gear and fix this shit  - no Holocaust 2....



Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wow Wednesday ... Please Be Upstanding.....

I love acapella and the Gaither Vocal Band is an amazing group of men, each who posses a true set of awesome pipes .......

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Let's Start Here....

Following some recent feedback - all constructive and I appreciate that - let's start here on a journey into race and some of the issues one encounters.

On the right hand side is a poll.  I am keen to get a racial snapshot of my readers.

This is a first step on a broader plan.  But this is the best place to start.

As people can be made up of more than one - multiple choice is available - and I look forward to seeing the results.

Hopefully this is a first step on a calm, objective, respectful and supportive journey into the topic.

Thank you all again.


PS I have tried to be as comprehensive as possible without listing every country on earth.  If I missed something, please do not be offended.  But please kindly do add it in the comments section of this post :))

Saturday, 12 April 2014

So Not Hot Saturday....

Some days I think "Hmm ..... maybe a little freshening up wouldn't be so bad....

Then I see this on the web.....

Looks like a kewpie doll..

Alien/Human Hybrid....

No words...

Had more work done since this....

Hi  - I'm Chucky... wanna play? .....

Porcelain Goddess to ................ Barbie girl with the unmoving face.....

Bad drugs and bad surgery....

Uneven eyes and brow.......


Oh dear ...........

I think I'll just try to do it gracefully, like these ladies...

Friday, 11 April 2014

More Furry Friday....

Furry Friday .... Mr Zachary Quinto ...

Been a little while since Mr Quinto graced these pages....................

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tired Of Conversations Of Race......

...........not happening with anyone who IS NOT white.....

The ONLY conversation I seem to have with ppl that are not white is WHY I can not have a deep conversation.
I get told the whole WHITE PRIVILEGE issue means I can't understand.

Here's the thing........... that is like that old excuse of employers saying you can not have a job because you do not have the experience for the job ..... but without getting the job how do you get experience?

Without having the conversation, how do I gain the understanding?

I am tired of being told by people of colour that "white people just won't get it coz they don't suffer".

OK............... so you are basically telling me to sit down and shush.

The same thing that many white people have told / even now tell YOU to do.

How is this not a double standard and potentially reverse racism?

Seriously - I am confused that you have someone here who has never used race as a demarcation, but wishes to understand many of the particular instances of the racial debate.  And you tell him "No - you can not understand".

And we are now on the second lap of the "I want to know ...... NO you will not understand."

You can not call out bigotry, but then deny someone the conversation.

Back in Melbourne in 2001, I was walking to my gym with my yarmulke on, and a young Serbian man in a car (He had the Serbian flag on his back window) pulled over and started yelling things at me.  They included.

"You killed my people - I'm gonna kill your family!"
"You're murderers - all of you!"
"Wait till I get more of my mates - we're gonna come back and kill you slowly!"
"You're scum - you deserve to die"

He then put his foot down and sped off.  The situation left me very unsettled and actually quite scared.  Funny thing was, he ended up being at my gym and talking to a guy who I knew was Jewish.  The difference between him and me is I was wearing my kippah,  but he never did.  He was invisible.  I was not.

Now - I would have loved to sit down with that young man and hear WHY he felt the way he did.  I would have liked to know if there had been any particular incident that had caused his reaction to a modern Jew just walking along, minding his own business.

I would love to sit down / e-chat with someone of colour about the issues that they face.  I would like to understand their experiences.  I don't want to just read about it.  I want to hear the individual experience.

I would listen attentively, ask questions respectfully, and welcome the experience to hear how one person's life has been affected.

Without understanding each other's stories and experiences, we will continue to be ignorant  of each other.  We would continue to even be a little wary of each other?  Nervous maybe?  Even fearful?

It's like Equality.  Unless society at large is assisted to LEARN about the same sex community, and our experiences and our lives, they will continue to be ignorant and our community and our desires.

Needless to say.................... the questions will not go away.

The desire to know and understand will not go away.

Blessings for you all


Monday, 7 April 2014

Jay-Z Wears Jewellery From "Whites Are The Devils Group" ........

Here's the article.....

Recording artists Beyonce, centre left, and Jay-Z, attend an NBA basketball game between
Recording artists Beyonce, centre left, and Jay-Z, attend an NBA basketball game between the Brooklyn Nets and Houston Rockets at the Barclays Center, Tuesday, April 1, 2014, in New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo) Source: AP

BLACK people are the fathers and mothers of civilisation, white men are the devil, the Christian god is nothing more than a ghost and only a small percentage of people understand the world. 
 These are just some of the ­beliefs behind the bling — the gaudy Five Percent Nation ­medallions worn by Jay Z and Carmelo Anthony.
Last week, all eyes at the Barclays Center weren’t on Jay Z’s better half, BeyoncĂ© — but on the coaster-size golden pendant swinging from the rapper’s neck as the couple sat courtside. Asked once if the group’s symbol — an eight-point star with the number 7 in the middle — held any meaning to him, the rapper shrugged, “A little bit.”
So what exactly do Five Percenters believe?

“The rationale is that the black man is God and created the universe, and is physically stronger and intellectually stronger and more righteous naturally,” says Michael Muhammad Knight, an author of two books on the radical group. 

Beyonce, Jay-Z
Jay Z attends an NBA basketball game between the Brooklyn Nets and Houston Rockets at the Barclays Center, in New York wearing the controversial jewellery piece. Source: AP
“Whiteness is weak and wicked and inferior — basically just an errant child who needs to be corrected.”
The group was founded in 1964 in Harlem by Clarence Smith, who later changed his name to Allah, a former student of Malcolm X who disagreed with the Nation of Islam over the nature of God.
Smith rejected the notion of a supernatural deity and instead believed that all black men had God in them and that black women were “earths” who took on a complementary yet subordinate role to their gods.
The idea is empowering, Knight says.

“Anytime someone is saying you have to accept your conditions of oppression and slavery and pray to an unseen god — that kind of god is just being used to keep people down and to keep people from looking to themselves as a solution to their problems,” he notes. “If there is a problem, no one will fix it for you, except yourself.” 

Beyonce and her husband Jay Z in July last year.
Beyonce and her husband Jay Z in July last year. Source: Getty Images
Five Percenters don’t consider themselves Muslim, but their name comes from the Nation of Islam’s belief that 5 per cent of humanity are “poor righteous teachers” who exist to enlighten the masses about the truth of existence.
Members will sometimes refer to themselves as “scientists” to drive home the search for truth. And they face a tall task, because under their belief system, 10 per cent of the world’s population controls the other 85 per cent by spreading the belief in a “mystery God.”

To show followers the way, members must learn the Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet — powerful tools to decipher the meaning of the universe. In both, each letter and number represents a concept, for example, 1 is knowledge, 2 is wisdom, while A is Allah and B is be, or born. The number 7 on Jay Z’s pendant stands for God.

Jay Z says the necklace means “a little bit” to him.
Jay Z says the necklace means “a little bit” to him. Source: Getty Images
Caucasians, meanwhile, don’t enjoy an exalted status in the narrative of the Five Percenters.
“The first lesson I learned from the Five Percent was simple: F–k white people. Seriously. White people are devils,” Knight, 36, who is white and converted to ­Islam as a teenager, once wrote.
He insisted the movement has been welcoming and that he views the controversial sentiment as a statement about power rather than biology.

“For me, it is about who is marked as privileged in the power relations of this society,” he says.
Some followers take exception to those who transform their flag into a fashion accessory.
“Jay Z is not an active member — no one has vouched for him” Saladin Allah, a representative of the group’s upstate region, told The Post. “It was always understood that you don’t wear the ­regalia if you don’t totally subscribe to the life.” 

Jay Z is reportedly not an active member of the group.

Jay Z is reportedly not an active member of the group. Source: Splash News Australia

Now I would like one of the many people of colour who read my blog to explain to me how this is even REMOTELY ok.  (Not that I would) but a white person wearing a swastika or white power symbol would be EVISCERATED - and yet AGAIN I don't see much in the way of outrage in this article.

Are we scared to call a black person out on racism?  Are we scared to call out anyone who isn't white on racism?

This is outrageous! Even if it's just a stunt on his part.  We are again giving someone a pass on this because we are worried about the historical references of racism being the big bad white man.
And here we have a "celebrity" - someone of apparent note - wearing a symbol that represents an extreme group who promotes racial hatred.

There is NO way to spin this.  So don't even try.

2CWDU is a racism free zone.

I don't care if the racism is coming from a white person, African-American, Latino, Asian etc - racism is racism.  It's abhorrent and if you don't call it out because you share the same skin colour as the perpetrator, then as far as I am concerned you are just as guilty of those that perpetrate it.

Jay-Z is a tosser for wearing this and having ANY association with this group.

"The White Man Did It Before Us" is no excuse.

Grow up.

Yours disgusted

PS I am very interested to see what readers say about this ............ if anything.